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3 Things You Say That Increase Your Stress

The words you use have the power to build up or tear down the people you are dealing with, or in the case of your thoughts, they can pick you up or drag you down. When it comes to the processes ticking over in your own thoughts, I have noticed that there are 3 things […]

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Healing is not a linear process

Sometimes the wounds we think are healed have only got a thin scab over them and then something comes along and bumps the scab off and it starts to bleed again. It’s ok, healing isn’t linear and takes patience. Time to let some more light in. Stacey Copas has used her life experience and personal […]

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In Year 12? What if it all goes wrong?

There can be a lot of pressure at this time in your life. It is a lot to take on and it can be totally overwhelming. ¬†As you make the transition to life after school these pressures will increase. There are the thoughts of what if I chose the wrong path? What if I don’t […]

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