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Book – How To Be Resilient

Things go wrong.  It is just a matter of when not if.  How you react to challenges is going to determine your level of success and achievement.

Stacey had been asked repeatedly over the years how she turned her life around and how did she keep going from strength to strength even when things seemed completely hopeless.

The principles outlined in the book come from the first-hand experience in dealing with some of the toughest adversity one could face – a devastating accident at 12 years old left her quadriplegic and needing a wheelchair for mobility for the rest of her life.

There was no textbook theory, fluff or hype that got her to where she is now, just real world, practical, in the trenches principles that got her from rock bottom to succeeding in business, sport and life and in this book they have been laid them out in the easiest way possible so now you can apply them in your life too.

“This wonderful, warm, inspiring book shows you how to overcome any obstacle, and bounce back from every setback.  It can change your philosophy of life.”  ~Brian Tracy

The book had a successful crowd funding campaign in 2014 and was published in June 2015.

More details at www.HowToBeResilient.com

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What others have said about Stacey:

Hearing Stacey’s own story and her words of resilience about embracing life challenges for the better was a wonderful opportunity to engage and inspire our team. She took us through her moving story about the setbacks she has faced in her life and how she has turned them around to be forces for positive growth.

Petra Buchanan CEO, McGrath Foundation

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