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How To Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet – Free Training

Picture this: it’s mid-January, and you’re at your desk, checking your emails and feeling overwhelmed. Everyone else has left for the day, but you are still working away. Your to do list seems to grow faster than you cross things off it. You feel sick with the though of how you can get through it all. You worked so hard last year. You’re exhausted.

Where on Earth did 2015 go?
I don’t know if you’ve ever felt that hollow feeling, knowing that you’ve done OK. You worked really hard…but you still don’t have a lot to show for it.
That’s why I’m reaching our to you right now.
You see, at this moment, many leaders are exhausted – even in these first couple of weeks after a break.
You’ve done alright, kicked some of your goals – but not all of them.  You’re thinking: “How do I make sure that 2016 is different to 2015?”  As you look forward, I’m sure you hope that 2016 is better.
But you know that hope is not enough.  Without a solid plan in place, 2016 could be just a re-run of 2015.
The great news is that doesn’t have to be that way!
Instead of kicking off the year exhausted, you can start it excited.  Instead of kicking off the year with very little to show for it, you can set yourself up for 2016 to be full of meaning, productivity, and satisfaction.

Instead of merely wishing and hoping that 2016 turns out better than 2015, you can be completely certain of it.

I want to help you make 2016 your best year yet
That’s why this Thursday, I’m running a free online training webinar called “Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet”. How to set your goals. Make a plan to achieve these goals. And celebrate big time when you kick them.
In this fast-moving 90-minute online workshop, you will discover:
  • Why New Year’s Resolutions and SMART Goals are not enough on their own – and how to set business goals and milestones that you actually achieve

  • How to “Preload Your Year”, so that 2016 becomes amazingly successful: for you, personally, and professionally.

  • The three biggest mistakes that leaders make at this time of the year that cost them money, lose momentum and mean that they never really relax over the holidays.

  • The 60-minute planning formula that makes sure that you hit your top 5 goals in 2016.

  • The #1 fastest way to plan the whole of your year, so you don’t get side-tracked by distractions – and you work the plan, and get the rewards.


My business and my life changed when I learned these tips.

Now, it’s YOUR turn. REGISTER HERE.

When you register you’ll receive a very special email that contains your Make The Most Of A Year Journal for 2016 so you can get a head start before the training session.

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Be your best!


P.S. We only have 100 spaces on the webinar, so register now and get in early.

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