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Resilience For Results Masterclass

How To Be Resilient and Find The Opportunities In Change and Adversity

Things go wrong. It is just a matter of when, not if. How you respond to change and adversity determines your level of success.  Resilience is the skill that will lessen the impact of challenges, change and stress, and when practised resilience is the skill that will turn the same challenges, change and stress into great opportunities. With the current pace of change, the ability to turn adversity and change into an asset as quickly as possible can be a competitive advantage.

There is a lot of resilience training out there but for the most part the trainings focus on stress management through meditation and mindfulness techniques. Or they are too academic and lack practical application and real life stories to drive it.  Stacey is not an academic or a psychologist, the practical approach she shares comes from life experience.

In this session Stacey shares her story of succeeding from adversity filled with quick and simple strategies you can apply to be your best in all areas of life, no matter what goes wrong along the way.

Objectives of the session:

  • Challenge participants to put things into perspective
  • Show how a positive approach to adversity and change can be a competitive advantage
  • Provide practical strategies that demonstrate that they hold the key to the way they respond to change and adversity
  • Provide tips for feeling focused and empowered even when they are well outside of their comfort zones
  • Inspire participants to think bigger

Learning takeaways:

  • How to embrace uncertainty and adversity
  • How to discover hidden opportunities
  • How to break negative mindsets and build confidence
  • How to respond positively to challenge and change
  • How to become resilient and excel in tough situations


What others have said about Stacey:

Hearing Stacey’s own story and her words of resilience about embracing life challenges for the better was a wonderful opportunity to engage and inspire our team. She took us through her moving story about the setbacks she has faced in her life and how she has turned them around to be forces for positive growth.

Petra Buchanan CEO, McGrath Foundation

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