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Where did it go?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve just looked to next week’s calendar and had a “holy crap” moment when you saw it is MARCH on Tuesday!

Where did these first 2 months of 2016 vanish to?

If you’re feeling disappointed that you haven’t crossed off all of the things you had hoped off your list by now, all is not lost.

You see it is not too late to make sure 2016 is your best year yet.

Recently I ran a free online workshop to show you how to plan your year – and to make sure you get it all done.

I recorded this session and it is as relevant today as it was in January when I ran it live.

If you would like to watch the replay go to http://staceycopas.com/2016BestYearYet now.

Let me know what you have crossed off your list so far in 2016 – great to celebrate the wins.

Be your best!


P.S. On the live training I offered some no cost Discovery Sessions with me.  I do have a few spots left for next week.  If you’d like to make sure you get in early, jump the queue and book now at http://meetme.so/staceycopas

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Stacey Copas,  Author of “How To Be Resilient”, is Australia’s #1 Keynote Speaker and Facilitator on Turning Adversity Into An Asset.  She has worked with large organisations such as Telstra, CSIRO and SACA and has been featured in national media including ABC, Financial Review and The Australian for her insights on resilience in the workplace.

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