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Do you have a teenager in your life?

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How To Be Resilient – Parents and Teens Sessions

Things go wrong. It is just a matter of when, not if. How you respond to change and adversity determines your level of success.  Resilience is the skill that will lessen the impact of challenges, change and stress, and when practised resilience is the skill that will turn the same challenges, change and stress into great opportunities.

There is a lot of resilience training out there but for many the trainings focus on stress management through meditation and mindfulness techniques. Or they are too academic and lack practical application and real life stories to drive it.  Stacey is not an academic or a psychologist, the practical approach she shares comes from life experience.

In this session Stacey shares her story of succeeding from adversity filled with quick and simple strategies you can apply to be your best in all areas of life, no matter what goes wrong along the way.

Resilience is a crucial trait for teens to develop to enable them to take risks, to stretch their comfort zones and to be their best selves in a rapidly changing world full of expectations on them, and the expectations they put on themselves.

This keynote presentation, for teens and their parents, will impress upon them there are many paths to success and what they plan will not go smoothly – and that is great!

Objectives of the session:

  • Provide inspiration and challenge them to put things into perspective
  • Share how develop their own identity and confidence in it
  • Encourage a positive approach to adversity and change
  • Provide tips for feeling focused and empowered even when they are well outside of their comfort zones, at school and at home
  • Inspire them to think bigger



Click on the preferred date below for booking details

March 20th 2017, Campbelltown NSW

March 15th 2017, Adelaide SA


VIP registrations include front of room seating and a signed copy of “How To Be Resilient”

Refunds will be given only in the event that the session is cancelled.  Registrations are transferable.

If you would like information on running this session at your school or university please email bookings@staceycopas.com


What others have said about Stacey’s approach to resilience:

“We were extremely fortunate to have Stacey as the guest speaker at the Brigidine College St Ives Year 10 Parent Daughter Dinner.  Stacey was an engaging, passionate and insightful guest speaker. Her anecdotes and personable manner enabled the students, parents and staff to identify with her experiences and challenges and thus understand the importance of having a resilient, positive and determined mindset.  Her lesson was extremely relevant and inspirational for our Year 10 girls, enabling them to self-reflect and reconsider their own attitude to change and difficulties they may face.  Stacey was extremely organised, enthusiastic and professional.  It was an absolute pleasure working with her.”

Ms Anne Reading, Year 10 Coordinator, English and History Teacher, Brigidine College St Ives

“I heard Stacey speak at the FMA conference in Adelaide. Stacey not only has a compelling life story, but the way she has used her experience to overcome adversity and difficulties and become world class was a personal inspiration to me. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her speak and I would recommend her in an instant. If you are looking for someone to motivate your audience to deliver above and beyond, then look no further. Compelling, inspiring and entertaining!”

Gareth Tancred, CEO, British Institute of Facilities Management

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